ZCNGC9823 Series LED Tri-proof Ligh

  • High-quality LED light source, the luminous effiffifficiency is greater than 110lm/W, which is more than 50 higher than flfluorescent
  • Professional software simulates light distribution design, special light-transmitting materials and transparent parts, high effiffifficiency of lamps and lanterns
  • High lighting comfort: no glare, no flflicker, bright and comfortable lighting environment, reduce misoperation and visual fatigue, improve work effiffifficiency and quality
  • Special astigmatism and translucent materials, high uniformity of illumination, anti-glare for lamps
  • LED light source is healthy and environmentally friendly, no heavy metal mercury element, no flflicker
  • High reliability: reduce the impact of lamp failure on normal production and reduce maintenance costs


Product Image Model Power Input Voltage Light Efficiency Lumens CCT Beam Angle Power Factor
ZCNGC9823 80 AC85-265V 120lm/w 9600lm 3000-6500K 60° PF>0.9
ZCNGC9823 150 AC85-265V 120lm/w 18000lm 3000-6500K 60° PF>0.9
ZCNGC9823 240 AC85-265V 120lm/w 28800lm 3000-6500K 60° PF>0.9

*The above parameters are subject to actual data

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