ZCNTC9282 Series Tri-proof Lighting

  • High quality LED light source, light efficiency higher than 110 lm/W.
  • Professional software simulation of light distribution design, special transparent materials, high efficiency lights.
  • High lighting comfort: no glare, no strobe, bright and comfortable lighting environment, reduce misoperation and visual fatigue, improve work efficiency and quality
  • Special astigmatism and transmittance materials, high illumination uniformity, anti-glare.
  • LED light source healthy and environmental protection, no heavy metal mercury element, no strobe.
  • High reliability: reduce the impact of lamp failure on normal production, reduce maintenance costs.
  • High quality LED, good heat dissipation structure, LED temperature rise only 10 degrees,the life of more than 50,000 hours, to achieve maintenance-free.
  • Adopt the latest full-bridge technology, glue sealing technology,wide voltage input and other high reliability electronic drive


Product parameter

Product Image Model Power Input Voltage Light Efficiency Lumens CCT Beam Angle Power Factor
ZCNTC9282 100 220 120lm/w 12000lm 3000-6500K 60° PF>0.9
ZCNTC9282 150 220 120lm/w 18000lm 3000-6500K 60° PF>0.9

*The above parameters are subject to actual data

Product sizes

Product size (unit: mm)

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