ZCNTC9280 Series Tri-proof Lighting

  • NTC9280 light Source module: High brightness LED integrated light source, with high effiffifficiency constant current driving power, compared with gas discharge lamp, energy saving up to 60%; All LED components are sealed, waterproof and dustproof, without internal cleaning and maintenance.
  • NTC9280 LED casting light/casting light power module: high-effiffifficiency constant-current driving power supply with intelligent power regulator;It has the function of luminous flflux compensation to reduce the luminous decay and ensure the luminous effffect of LED light source.It has the functions of overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection and surge current protection.
  • NTC9280LED flfloodlight cooling module: The module shell adopts special aluminum profifile, which has the characteristics of high strength and good heat dissipation performance;The surface is treated with anodic oxidation, and the product has high anti-corrosion performance.
  • NTC9280LED flfloodlight This series of lamps belongs to maintenance-free product, energy-saving and environmental protection;
  • Rotation Angle of NTC9280LED flfloodlight wall installation can be adjusted.


Product parameter

Product Image Model Power Input Voltage Light Efficiency Lumens CCT Beam Angle Power Factor
ZCNTC9280 100 AC220V 100lm/w 10000 3000~6500 100° PF>0.95
ZCNTC9280 200 AC220V 100lm/w 20000 3000~6500 100° PF>0.95
ZCNTC9280 300 AC220V 100lm/w 30000 3000~6500 100° PF>0.95
ZCNTC9280 400 AC220V 100lm/w 40000 3000~6500 100° PF>0.95

*The above parameters are subject to actual data

Product sizes

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