ZCNFC9189 Series LED Tri-proof Light

  • Apply to fifixed lighting in various installations, platforms, corridors, passages, workshops, factories and other places;
  • Apply to indoor and outdoor lighting in electric power, metallurgy, cement, machinery and other industries;
  • Apply to fifixed lighting in power distribution room, main factory building, pump room, corridor, trestle and other places;
  • Apply to the flflood lighting needs of workshops, large facilities, venues and other places, without glare; No ghosting, shock and corrosion resistance, energy saving, safe and reliable.


Product Image Model Power Input Voltage Light Efficiency Lumens CCT Beam Angle Power Factor
ZCNFC9189 50/100W AC85-265V 120lm/w 9600lm 3000-6500K 60° PF>0.9


*The above parameters are subject to actual data

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