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Dock lighting is lighting for port terminals, depots, railways, roads, anchorages, ships, beacons, lights and other production support buildings and domestic buildings. Lighting in anchorages without fixed lamps and on ships without power generation equipment is generally provided by motorised ship power supply equipment, floodlights or batteries. High-pole lighting and high-efficiency luminaires are recommended for large outdoor areas. Lighting sources and luminaires should be selected and configured according to the nature of the lighting and the use of the site, illumination requirements and other conditions. Commonly used are street lamps, floodlights, high-pressure mercury lamps, iodine-tungsten lamps, etc. In addition to meeting the illumination requirements of production operations, port lighting must also pay attention to avoiding mutual interference with beacon lights and meeting the glare limits when the ship is moving, docking and loading and unloading machinery. For the loading and unloading of flammable and explosive substances, the illuminators must also meet the requirements of fire and explosion protection.

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August 8, 2022
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