High Speed Toll Station Solutions

China’s highway street lighting is designed according to the lighting methods specified in the Technical Conditions for Highway Lighting (GB/T 24969-2010). In terms of lighting methods, it is called the current (mainstream) lighting method, which has 3 main characteristics: high (height ≥ 10 m), large (single lamp power ≥ 250 W), far (lamp distance ≥ 30 m), and light sources of HPS, MH or a mixture of both. The purpose of highway lighting is to ensure the safety of vehicles travelling on the road under various conditions. Its main function is to provide adequate and uniform illumination and brightness on the road at night, to avoid its own glare and to improve the visibility of objects ahead. Glare is an important indicator for evaluating road lighting, and drivers are under strong glare, which can lead to visual fatigue and even danger. Providing road brightness is the basis of road lighting, and efficient road lighting not only provides a comfortable driving environment, but is also a major way of saving energy. Visibility is an indicator of the driver’s ability to recognise objects in front of them.

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August 8, 2022
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