Suzhou Zhaochang Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.,(Sinozoc) was founded in 2011, registered capital eighteen million RMB, this company has more than 200 employees. We  commit ourselves to the development, production and distribution of industrial lighting fixtures. And Sinozoc, is a well-known brands in industrial lighting field. Since our company set up, embark on a journey for specialized industrial lighting field. The company is divided into Jiangsu ALTONES Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd,Jiangsu  zhaochang explosion proof Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd andSuzhou Zhaochang automotive intelligent technology Co., Ltd Rely on strong channel advantage, leading research and development, extensive technology experience precipitation, attentive services, with the design concept of “quality,  innovation, concentration”, Sinozoc provide high performance, high efficiency and high quality linting fixtures for customers.

Dedicated to improving the lighting environment

Based on the corporate philosophy of “quality, innovation and focus”, the corporate spirit of “self-improvement, continuous innovation, integrity and conscientiousness” is deeply rooted in every detail of our products and services. We strive to provide more customers with better quality products and services!

Know Our History

Why Choose Us

Affordable prices

We are a factory and can cut out the middlemen on the basis of quality assurance, thus making the price more affordable

Good after-sales service system

We have obtained 27 national patents, and have established a perfect after-sales system, so that you can have no worries.

Provide product customisation and OEM services

With 12 years of experience in the lighting industry, Sinozoc is constantly innovating and has very mature product solutions, as well as offering OEM and customisation services to meet your needs.

Overall customer rating

Production 90%
Construction 95%
Customer Satisfaction 90%
Utilizaion Rate 100%
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