LED workplace lamps are LED luminaires used in many factories and mines in production work areas. Generally the luminaires are arranged evenly above or on the side walls of the work site, illuminating the entire working surface. As a result, higher power incandescent lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, high intensity discharge lamps or a larger number of fluorescent lamps are used. The vast majority of workplace lamps also fall into this category. General lighting lamps have higher requirements for light distribution and two types of light distribution are widely used: direct lighting and semi-direct lighting types.

Of course, in the purchase of LED lights there are many matters that need attention, today by the Zhongshan Xinpenda lighting factory to explain to you.

A, look at the heat dissipation structure

General lamps and lanterns with material is profile aluminum and hardware piece plus copper column, we light the lamp to observe whether there is a temperature rise, no temperature is not possible, that can not dissipate heat, but the temperature rise can not be too high, the general temperature does not exceed 70 degrees as appropriate.

Second, look at the actual needs

Different occasions have different requirements for lamps and lanterns. Industries such as coal, petroleum, chemical and other industries should consider not only whether the lighting needs can meet the requirements, but also dustproof, waterproof lamp factors, and even need to consider explosion-proof requirements. Such enterprises need to consider whether the product is in line with national quality standards requirements, is not through the explosion-proof certification and other factors.

Third, look at the light source part

The light source part mainly depends on whether the use of genuine chips, such as Pratt & Whitney, Epistar, Corui, etc.. At the same time, the light source part, the power supply part should also have good waterproof function.

Fourth, look at the power, illumination and colour temperature

This point is particularly professional, in the purchase of LED mining light power to choose according to the actual lighting area, the power is high will cause a waste of electricity resources, power is low and can not meet the lighting needs. At the same time illumination, colour temperature and other conditions are also important, the production line requires high resolution, like the textile industry needs high resolution lamps and lanterns. It is advisable to clearly inform the guide of your actual needs when purchasing.

Of course, the most important point in choosing LED lights is to choose a guaranteed business. Zhongshan Xinpenda Lighting Factory was established in 2014, is located in China’s economically developed Pearl River Delta compound, with China’s light capital reputation of Zhongshan Guzhen. The main products are various sizes of power LED wall washer lights, floodlights, floodlights, digital tubes, point light source, street light head, tunnel lights, industrial and mining lights, underwater lights, buried lights, etc.

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