I. What are explosion-proof luminaires

As the name implies, such lamps and lanterns have both a certain lighting role and a certain explosion-proof function. It is commonly used in flammable and explosive places such as construction sites, chemical industry, petrol stations, oil fields, mines, various military sites and transit stations. Explosion-proof lamps and lanterns are a special kind of industrial lamps and lanterns, which can also guarantee the user’s safety in use under the premise of ensuring the quality of lighting. The housing of the explosion-proof luminaire is highly corrosion-resistant and well sealed, and is a new type of LED energy-saving light source product. The shell of the explosion-proof lamp is made of light aluminum alloy die-casting, and the surface is treated with high-pressure electrostatic spraying, which can be used as an emergency lighting lamp.

Second, explosion-proof lamps and lanterns how to buy

1、Color temperature selection

When we buy, according to its use place to choose the appropriate colour temperature, here the colour temperature actually refers to its light colour. Generally speaking, the colour temperature of explosion-proof lamps need to be selected according to the season, the environment, its colour temperature scale of 2700 ~ 6500K, if the smaller the value, the more it tends to yellow light, and vice versa, it tends to blue and white light. Yellow light is usually suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms or darker light and other occasions, can play a role in creating a warm and comfortable feeling. And white light is brighter and clearer, suitable for use in the summer and study, kitchen and other places.

2, acting colourful choice

It actually refers to the object in the light of the original colour of the object, its value between 0-100, now on the market LED bulbs explosion-proof colour performance specifications are greater than 75 above, for safety reasons, it is recommended that we still pick more than 80 better, can help reflect the authenticity of the colour.

3, luminous flux selection

Even if it is the same lamp, used in different environments, they present different lighting effects. In order to ensure the safety of our use, it is recommended that you should pay attention to how much luminous flux it has when buying an explosion-proof lamp. Luminous flux refers to its brightness. If the place of use is large and the light is dark, we need to install more explosion-proof lamps; if the place of use is small and the light is sufficient, 1-2 explosion-proof lamps are needed.

What is an explosion-proof light fixture? As a product with a special meaning, it is good to use explosion-proof light fixtures, but it is not so beautifully designed, which may affect the aesthetics of the interior decoration. How do I choose an explosion-proof luminaire? If you want to choose an explosion-proof luminaire, it is better to decide according to its practicality and the style that goes with it.

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