According to the US Federal Commission FTC order, LED lamps entering the US market need to be sold with an energy label on the box as well as on the lamp body, disclosing the power consumption, life span and other information of the product. In other words, the energy label that Amazon refers to is actually the energy label required by the FTC. The current energy efficiency requirements for LED bulbs and lamps in the US are mainly focused on the Lighting Facts label, Energy Star and DLC for LED lamps and luminaires, and the energy efficiency requirements for the Amazon Lighting Facts label for lamps and luminaires, which was launched with the intention of “Give them the Facts “It is intended to make lighting products more specific and credible.

Test items and requirements for the FTC Energy Efficiency Label.

FTC certified performance parameters: initial lumens lm, initial luminous efficacy lm/W, input power W, relevant colour temperature CCT, colour rendering index CRI.

The FTC certification indicators are “Quality Assurance” and “Lumen Maintenance” based on the LM-80 and TM-21 tests respectively.

Scope of application of the FTC Energy Label.

The scope of FTC certification for LED luminaires is: complete luminaires powered by AC mains or DC, low voltage 12V AC or DC luminaires, LED luminaires with detachable power supply, linear or modular products.

The FTC certification does not apply to LED luminaires: solar or battery powered LED luminaires, LED strips and LED light panels of unlimited length and shape.

The scope of FTC energy efficiency certification for LED lamps is as follows

  1. light sources with lamp heads (E screw head series, B bayonet head series, G head series)
  2. Lamps and lanterns (downlights, industrial lamps, panel lights …….)
  3. Depending on the type of product, determine whether it is within the mandatory scope and the test standard used for the product.
  4. Provide samples to a qualified laboratory for testing, pass the test and get the test report.
  5. Update the downloaded label template with the test data from the report to obtain the individual product FTC label.
  6. Upload the FTC label to the website and give the URL to the Amazon seller.
  7. The Amazon seller does a bulk upload of the labels via the bulk upload template.
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